Gambling Addiction: Help Resources, Holiday Gambling, Origin Story (The Bet Free Life Ep 6)

The Bet Free Life Episode 6 details the origin story of the show, holiday gambling, and resources for the gambler and affected others. We are trying to create a safe space for people to talk about gambling addiction.

Gambling Addiction: Thriving in Recovery (The Bet Free Life Ep 5)

The Bet Free Life Episode 5 is all about finding thriving in recovery from a gambling addiction. Jeff gambled most of his adult life until he was caught at the age of 59. He had to tell his children and his wife the truth about his gambling. He was on the brink of suicide. Thank the higher power that Jeff is here with us to share his story and help others find themselves in recovery.

Gambling Addiction: Affected Others (The Bet Free Life Ep 4)

The Bet Free Life Episode 4 is all about the ‘affected other’- the person who the gambling affected, but not the person who did the gambling. Kelly shares her story of being married to a fantasy gambler. Her honesty and openness is compelling and you will find her story very helpful if you are in a similar situation. Remember that fantasy sports is gambling and can be addictive. Be careful.

Gambling Addiction: The Compulsion Returns & Forgiving Yourself (The Bet Free Life Ep 3)

The Bet Free Life Episode 3 brings a conversation about continued compulsion. Similar to the compulsion we had to gamble, but what do we do with it? Brian tells the story of taking money from his grandfather and using it to gamble. This had brought feelings of guilt and shame but through recovery, he has been able to forgive himself. Last a plea for the news media to cover gambling related harm in stories other than sensational financial crimes.

Gambling Addiction: Women & Gambling (The Bet Free Life Ep 2)

This week on The Bet Free Life, Brian & Christina are joined by fellow gambler in recovery and host of the Ambitious Addicts Podcast, Terra Carbert. Terra’s show highlights those in recovery with ambition who choose to follow their dreams in spite of addiction. With Terra on board, we jump into a discussion of women in recovery and women who gamble, the struggles they encounter, and the hope that is present. After that we cover some industry follies with Brian’s Fanduel encounter this week.

We Have A Gambling Addiction

Brian (All In: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast) and Christina (The Broke Girl Society Podcast) share their experiences with gambling addiction in this new show. Gambling Addiction is real and it sucks, but recovery is possible!!